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Benchmark to the CIPS standard and enhance your buyer relationships
CIPS Sustainability Index can help you enhance your client relationships and reduce your cost of sale. Find out more ...
  • What are the aims of CIPS Sustainability Index for Suppliers?

    Suppliers receive questionnaires from Buyers asking for all sorts of background information. It’s a cost of doing business. And nowadays, the questionnaires are getting longer and more time consuming.

    On top of all that, Buyers ask the same questions but in different ways. Of course some questions are specific to your relationships, but others are just cross-industry standard. From a Buyers perspective that’s understandable. Supply chains are longer and more integrated than ever before, covering more of the supplies/services that previously would have been done in-house. So they need to know you better.

    From a Suppliers perspective, collaboration helps manage demand, increase transparency and create the kind of trusted client relationships around which you can build your business.

    The CIPS Sustainability Index was developed to assist Buyers and Suppliers in their collaboration. Specifically, the Index deals with the common set of questions that Buyers need information on, and Suppliers understand are important. By creating a common standard, backed by the leading professional purchasing membership institute and years of ongoing academic research, the Index brings real efficiency to your relationships.

  • What does the CIPS Sustainability Index comprise of?

    The CIPS Sustainability Index comprises of:

    • An easy to use, on-line, technology platform, enabling Buyers and their Suppliers to collaborate and share Sustainability data and scoring
    • Extensively researched & peer reviewed CIPS Sustainability Index supplier questionnaire, designed to quickly capture a baseline of your Suppliers’ sustainability within Financial, Environmental and Social areas
    • Experienced and dedicated CIPS Sustainability Index evaluators, who assess Suppliers responses to the questionnaire providing you with the comfort of an audited approach
    • The CIPS Sustainability Index rating for each of your Suppliers - calculated by our evaluators and providing you with an independent, repeatable and benchmarked assessment
    • Comprehensive support services to assist you in engaging with Suppliers, from guidelines/templates to fully managed supplier onboarding services
    • Tailored analytics, dashboards & benchmarking for both Buyers and their Suppliers, providing insightful views on performance at an individual and group level
    • Functionality to validate and pre-agree which Buyers have access to your detailed submissions and documentation
    • Access to CIPS knowledge centre, knowledge partners and guidance to support you in your purchasing sustainability initiatives
  • How does the Supplier process work?

    We know your time is limited. The process for Suppliers is designed to be intuitive and rapid, with support from our Customer Services always on hand.

    Firstly, we need you to Register as a Supplier. Registering is simple and will only take a few minutes assuming you have your basic company information close by. We’ll need to understand the profile of your organisation, such as size and sector, so that we tailor the right question set for you.

    Secondly, we will validate your input. Our evaluation team will confirm the data with leading third party company information sources and ensure we understand your profile. The verification check also provides security, as we’ll email you back to confirm identity. We’ll get that done within the next business day. So, rest assured, only employees with valid emails against valid company data will be accepted

    Then we’ll need to take a payment for this service. Our payments model is truly value-based reflecting the CIPS ambition to create a true cross-sector index at minimal cost. See our pricing information here. In short, our fees reflect your profile and our starting fee at just £199 provides all of the same benefits as that for larger or more complex organisations.

    Once you’ve paid, your account will be active and your tailored questionnaire will be ready for you to complete. You can enter the data at your pace, and save or print as you go along. On-line information guides help you along and you can e-mail our Customer Service team if there’s anything specific - we’d be delighted to assist. Once you’re done, you can preview all of your responses and then submit.

    Then it’s over the CIPS Sustainability Index Evaluation team. Our trained staff are specialised in the questionnaire by sector and by each of the pillars of sustainability (i.e. Economic, Environmental and Social). We’ll review and score each question. When done, you’ll get a preview of the final score and then we’re all set to publish.

    Once you have a published score, you’ll gain access to a customised homepage, providing you with dashboards, analytics and insights of your score against a peer group and best practice. The CIPS Sustainability Index will be continuously developing with latest insight, knowledge guides and actionable ideas to help you on the sustainability journey.

    You’ll have a fully evaluated score you can share with clients (no more repeat questions), a full years usage of the CIPS Sustainability Index accreditation and solution access to valuable insights.