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Do you know your suppliers’ Economic, Environmental and Social credentials?
Let CIPS Sustainability Index give you a better view.
CIPS Sustainability Index can quick-start your sustainable purchasing objectives or complement your existing program. Find out more below...
  • CIPS Sustainability Index Benefits for Buyers
    In short, the CIPS Sustainability Index reduces the cost of dealing with the most commonly asked information of suppliers, whilst providing a trusted source of sustainability benchmarking.

    Supported and designed by industry experts at the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply, the CIPS Sustainability Index is designed to provide a 360 degrees view of supplier sustainability, by Financial, Environmental and Social criteria.

    The Index is powered by an innovative and robust on-line technology platform. Which means that you’re equipped with information at your fingertips and a knowledge base to work collaboratively with your suppliers.

    And so, the CIPS Sustainability Index takes away the heavy lifting of creating and evaluating standard Supplier credentials. With a CIPS Sustainability Rating to hand, your purchasing team has a baseline it can trust, leaving more time to evaluate specific requirements.

    What’s more, the CIPS Sustainability Index was designed to be fast, effective and low-cost to encourage true cross-sector participation. Register your interest or Contact us and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much time and cost the Index can save your organisation

  • CIPS Sustainability Index is comprised of

    The CIPS Sustainability Index comprises of:

    • An easy to use, on-line, technology platform, enabling Buyers and their Suppliers to collaborate and share Sustainability data and scoring
    • Extensively researched & peer reviewed CIPS Sustainability Index supplier questionnaire, designed to quickly capture a baseline of your Suppliers’ sustainability within Financial, Environmental and Social areas
    • Experienced and dedicated CIPS Sustainability Index evaluators, who assess Suppliers responses to the questionnaire providing you with the comfort of an audited approach
    • The CIPS Sustainability Index rating for each of your Suppliers - calculated by our evaluators and providing you with an independent, repeatable and benchmarked assessment
    • Comprehensive support services to assist you in engaging with Suppliers, from guidelines/templates to fully managed supplier onboarding services
    • Tailored analytics, dashboards & benchmarking for both Buyers and their Suppliers, providing insightful views on performance at an individual and group level
    • Functionality to set Buyer specific thresholds and weightings to the CIPS Sustainability Index score, thereby creating analytics aligned to your needs
    • Access to CIPS knowledge centre, knowledge partners and guidance to support you in your purchasing sustainability initiative
  • The Buyer process

    The process for Buyers is straight-forward and we’re on hand every step of the way.

    Firstly, please Register Your Interest. We will need some simple information about your organisation. Secondly we would like to understand the scope of service you require. Including an understanding of your suppliers, your areas of focus, process and timing. With that information, we can provide you with a CIPS Sustainability Index service to best communicate, support and register your suppliers.

    At this stage, we will provide you with terms of service to capture your required scope. Remember the scope is driven by you - and we accommodate your requirements. Once you’re signed up, you will get secure access to the technology platform and access to the summary information of already registered suppliers. For those suppliers which are approved as your suppliers, you’ll get access to detailed information at a question by question level.

    Then we can start onboarding your remaining suppliers. If you want to do this, then we can help with templates and process information. Or, we can quickly and cost-efficiently get it done for you using our experienced shared services supplier communications centre. See our Supplier Onboarding Services.

    Finally, as your Suppliers’ sustainability credentials get scored, you get on-line access to customisable dashboards, scorecards, peer benchmarks and insightful analytics to monitor and trend your ongoing sustainable purchasing objectives

  • How much will this cost me?

    We have designed CIPS Sustainability Index to be very low cost and primarily supplier funded, as it’s the suppliers’ data we’re evaluating. You can find the the Supplier standard fees here . The fees for a Buying organisation are completely dependent upon your needs, and can begin at absolutely no charge at all.

    Once you’ve registered (see Buyer Process directly above for how), you can determine how many of your suppliers you’d like to register and how much, if any, support you’d like from the CIPS Sustainability Index team to on-board your Suppliers.