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We'll get your valued suppliers onboard

At CIPS, we know how important your Supplier relationships are. And, they come in all sizes of criticality, history and volume.

At the same time, you need Suppliers organised around common action, onboard with your sustainability objectives and sailing in the same direction.

Our Supplier Onboarding services are designed to carefully interact with your Suppliers - to ensure that compliance and registration to the Index is conducted efficiently and respectfully.

So, how can we help:

The CIPS Sustainability Index delivery partner PRGX is the world’s largest supplier overpayments auditing firm and has over 30 years experience of handling large-scale supplier communications and requests for action in 40 countries. Leveraging this class leading capability, a dedicated CIPS Sustainability Index team can provide you with three optional tiers of service:

Supplier Onboarding

Firstly, we will provide you with communications material (such as letters and emails) which you can use to develop your own onboarding program. Our Customer Services team would be pleased to run through this material and guide you on best use.

Secondly, we can operate the Supplier Onboarding program for you, freeing your staff to focus on their ongoing initiatives. As our teams routinely process thousands of supplier requests each week in global shared service centres, our process is likely to be a real time saver and actually very cost effective. Please contact us and we can provide you with a quick no-obligation estimate.

And Thirdly, we can overlay each of the above two approaches with a dedicated Project Office (PO) staff support working on-site as required with your Purchasing team. The PO staff will help you tailor the program by assessing current spend, advising on the list of target suppliers, develop a project plan and then provide rolling reporting and management of the program until completed. Again please contact us and we can develop a suitable engagement plan.