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Benefit from being part of the CIPS benchmark and knowledge base

Managing your sustainability effectiveness should be viewed not only as risk avoidance and compliance but also as an opportunity for innovation and competitive advantage.The CIPS Sustainability Index allows you to measure your sustainability effectiveness and identify areas of improvement.

Balancing the triple bottom line, can potentially offer your organisation a competitive advantage. To balance the triple bottom line first you need to perform an evaluation of social, economic and environmental impacts of your organisational actions.

Our evaluations show that best-practice organisations achieve exceptional sustainability performance by stating that the importance of their social, economic and environmental impact are critical to company success. Our evaluations also showed that many of the current systems in place are missing relevant measures of performance, and failed to assess an organisations social, economic and environmental performance.

The CIPS Sustainability Index is an independent assessment of your social, economic and environmental impacts to see where pressures are most likely to come and also to see where you are providing un-priced, social, economic and environmental benefits for which you are not receiving credit.

The goal for sustainability is to simultaneously achieve excellence in both social and environment and financial performance. Measuring these performance levels has never been achievable without significant investments in time, resource, process change and technology, the CIPS Sustainability Index provides this for FREE.

Our research showed that organisations that embed sustainability into organisation decisions, showed a positive effect on their corporate financial performance. Their efforts were acknowledged by stakeholders and in some cases affected corporate profits. A focus on sustainability also showed positive developments in brand loyalty both from employee’s and consumers.

What are the key benefits of CIPS Sustainability Index for Suppliers?

- The CIPS Sustainability Index has four key benefits to suppliers –

  • Having gained a score this can then be provided to a large number of their current and potential customers so avoiding the need to waste time and effort repeating answers to often identical questions.
  • It enables suppliers to demonstrate their sustainability credentials to buyers of all sizes and sectors around the world. This provides them a valuable showcase to potentially increase their customer base.
  • It allows suppliers to benchmark their sustainability credentials against their industry peers. In turn this helps them identify areas where they may want to improve over time. The CIPS Sustainability Index will give them hints and tips of what best practice organisations do in the areas where they score below average.
  • It is cost effective.


Other supplier benefits include

  • Reduce business risk and enhance business opportunities
  • Enhance brand recognition and reputation
  • Enhance your ability to strategically plan for the longer term
  • Increase long term shareholder returns
  • Improve workforce morale and productivity
  • Improve licence to operate and grow
  • Improve access to lower cost of capital
  • Benchmark your sustainability scores against your competitors
  • Benchmark your sustainability scores against similar sized organisations in different industries
  • Exposure to buying organisations, and potential invitations to competitive bids
  • Measure improvements in your sustainability scores
  • One off submission, scoring can be used on any RFP or PQQ for social, environmental and financial scoring
  • Cost-effective, independent and accredited by CIPS’ procurement experts
  • Save time, improve process and customer relations
  • Benchmark against your competitors and find new customers with a trusted, credible and neutral index